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An Ending and a Beginning

Dear DWC readers, Happy new year! It’s been quite a year (or two). The constant back and forth of anxiety and relief, burnout and gratitude, setback and breakthrough of this pandemic has been felt by each and every human around the world, and certainly felt

The Doctor at Six Months

Internship is a panoply of experiences.  My first day was a new EMR, a new hospital, a New York City emerging from fog and trauma. The first month was every order triple guessed and checked. It was me standing outside the room of a COVID-19

Book Review of “Face: A Memoir”

Face: A Memoir  By Marcia Meier Saddle Road Press      Many of us have traumatic events that divide our lives in two: the life we had before that defining moment and the life that came afterward. In Marcia Meier’s case, those two segments are of heartbreakingly

A Visual Translator

I seek to combine art, medicine and technology, specifically medical imaging and 3D printing, to improve the lives of those around me as I continue my medical career.

Neonatologists, Moms, and Podcasters

There’s a lot of information⁠—and misinformation⁠—out there about pregnancy, postpartum, and taking care of a newborn. Enter a podcast by the ultimate specialists⁠—the Baby Doctor Mamas, Dr. Joanna Parga-Belinkie and Dr. Diana Montoya-Williams. They’re two neonatologists and soul sisters, who are also mothers. They have a knack for distilling the evidence and their own experience into accessible and informative banter on their podcast.

COVID-19 Advocacy Through Art

This visual package by Ryoko Hamaguchi, now being used by the American Medical Association, is comprised of multiple illustrated icons of healthcare workers and the public – celebrating the tireless efforts of the former in keeping us safe and calling upon the latter to continue doing our part in this fight.

Book Review: The Memory Sessions

Such are the questions plaguing Suzanne Farrell Smith in her haunting, deeply felt and gorgeously rendered new memoir The Memory Sessions. Smith’s father dies when she is just six years old, killed by a drunk driver on his way home from work. Outside of a few fleeting details—the doorbell chime, the police officer’s voice, a Knight Rider episode interrupted—her memory is wiped clean, not only of that pivotal night, but any childhood memories before or since, up to the age of about twelve or thirteen.

Submit: Letters in Limbo

As an exercise in reflection and storytelling, the project’s curators invite you to write a letter to your future self and submit it to the archive, to be publicized on the site (anonymously upon request) in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Tell Your COVID-19 Story

The Nocturnists is looking for people who are interested in keeping an “audio diary” about their experience working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re not looking for perfect, polished stories. We just want to understand your raw experience. We wouldn’t be surprised

A Medical Writing Life

When people ask me which came first, the writing or the doctoring, I am quick to tell them it was the former. In fact, I can’t remember a time when I was not writing, in some form or fashion, at any point in my life.

2019: Our Year in Review

Dear Doctors Who Create community, It has been a wonderful year (and decade!) for our community, and for the intersection of medicine and creativity.  From starting this community in April 2015, to having our inaugural conference, Creativity in Medicine, in April 2019, we have focused on bringing you content,


No entiendo los agujeros en el espacio En que se ven muy claro las lágrimas Sangrientas. No veo bien las caras Ignoradas de los niños llorientos. No Leo las leyes de mi país sincorazón. Editor’s note: this poem was originally written in Spanish and translated

Embracing Technology in Art

Artist Statement: I am in a raw mood, somewhere between contentment, unease, angst and spiritual yearning. I plop myself onto the couch and put on my headphones. Tame Impala, Sylvan Esso and Tycho take turns singing to my music catchers. Coming to the forefront, there’s


Half the block is at funerals As my blossoms glisten heedless spring. I can vouch for millennials as if I know, in middle age, a goddamn thing. How would I know what it means to live in a city where fewer murders is a goal

Events at the Intersection of Creativity and Medicine

Here are some events compiled by our newest editor – Richard Wu, who will be curating events and opportunities for this website. Want to submit your event to be featured? Email Events: The Pro-Social Play: International Conference on Storytelling and Well-Being Across Media Borders conference will