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Medstro Innovation Challenges

Medstro, the social network for physicians, is running three online challenges that offer the opportunity to win up to $57,000 in prizes and to present your product in front of live audiences of up to 3000 people. Partners Connected Health is still accepting submissions to the

DWC staff Collage

Meet the DWC Team

We are excited to announce that since our launch in April 2015, we have expanded the Doctors Who Create staff. We are a team of dedicated volunteers: attendings, residents, medical students, post-bac pre-meds, and undergraduates, all passionate about the DWC mission. Read our team page to learn

Inspiration/Expiration by Ansel Oommen. Spring 2016 Intima

Submit to Intima

The Intima publishes articles from a variety of perspectives exploring Narrative Medicine and its applications in healthcare and healing.  Narrative Medicine is interdisciplinary, and we encourage entries that engage any of the following: medicine in literature and/or poetry biomedical ethics history of medicine and/or science


The Nocturnists: Storytelling by Physicians

The Nocturnists started as a scrappy, open-mic storytelling event for physicians, and has now blossomed into a full-fledged bicoastal movement. To learn more about us, check out our website and/or read about us in the SF Chronicle. Attached are flyers for our upcoming events in SF and

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When I Die, Let Me Live Podcast

Medical decision-making near the end of life has been complicated in recent years by advents in the biomedical sciences, which have enabled clinicians to provide advanced life sustaining treatment for patients. What evidence shows, however, is that patients with serious illness are seldom discussing their

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Atul and Ezra

Ezra Klein, writer and founder of Vox Media, interviews “surgeon, writer, researcher, dilettante” Atul Gawande for his podcast The Ezra Klein Show on Panoply Media. (Ezra can’t contain his utter excitement at doing this interview, which he says he has wanted to do “for a


Pendulum, a psychiatry residents’ magazine

Pendulum, a new psychiatry residents’ magazine founded by psychiatrists at the University of Pennsylvania, is accepting submissions from the public. See the announcement below for more information. Psychiatry is rapidly changing, at Penn and everywhere. Psychiatry has always been changing. Pendulum will give voice to the

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Why Doctors Write: A Documentary

Why Doctors Write: Finding Humanity in Medicine is an upcoming documentary film about the intersection of medicine and literature, created by Emmy award-winning producer/director Ken Browne. Among many themes, the film documents the tradition and motivation of physician-writers, how art is joining science to become a part of modern


A Dochitect’s Story

As an architect, I joined the profession because of a desire to improve the environments in which people live and work. This ambition is accentuated in the area of hospital design where medical planners have the opportunity to design spaces in which people experience the

Doctors Who Create

Apply to Join our Staff

Doctors Who Create (DWC) is a vibrant community of people who are at the intersection of medicine and creativity. We are doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, writers, painters, musicians, and more. It takes many voices to influence progress in medicine and move towards a culture that rewards


Submit to Stethoscopes & Pencils

Stethoscopes & Pencils is looking for exciting writers who are interested in publishing their work in either English or Spanish to reach a wider audience, culturally and geographically. We are Stethoscopes & Pencils, and we’d love to publish your submissions. Your work may relate to medicine


Creating ways to stay fit in medical school

 In an era where “burnout” is becoming a buzzword describing healthcare professionals, creativity in medicine includes coming up with successful strategies to take care of your own health and wellness. Arhana Chattopadhyay, fourth-year medical student at the Stanford School of Medicine, has spent the last few years balancing studies,



I pushed her wheelchair from the waiting room of the emergency department into the space where her body would be inspected by a machine, and then I brought her back. That day had made little time for her stories. Her body was already large enough.

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Finding Creativity in Medicine

Last month, I participated in my first medicine-related “Story Slam,” at the AMSA (American Medical Student Association) convention in Washington, D.C. I had to speak for about 5 minutes, without notes and without sounding like a robot, about my path to choosing medicine as a career.

inside out update

If Disney Were a Physician

I wanted to become an artist long before I wanted to become a doctor. While my classmates were going through the fireman, astronaut or paleontologist stage (okay, I also had an astronaut stage), I wanted to work for Disney and draw the next Lion King.


Drawing from Medicine

In medical school, we study every nook and cranny in the human body- what it looks like, how it works, and what happens when things go wrong. Many days, studying resorts to stone cold memorization- which cranial nerves innervate the tongue? What cardiac anomalies comprise the Tetralogy of


How Creative Medical Students Study

Life hacking has become immensely popular in the past decade. Entrepreneurs, artists, and academics have all written about the tips and tricks they use to work smarter. Some people do this so that they can travel the world full-time. Some want to explore a personal