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Monthly Archives: July 2016

A Dochitect’s Story

As an architect, I joined the profession because of a desire to improve the environments in which people live and work. This ambition is accentuated in the area of hospital design where medical planners have the opportunity to design spaces in which people experience the

Doctors Who Create

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Doctors Who Create (DWC) is a vibrant community of people who are at the intersection of medicine and creativity. We are doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, writers, painters, musicians, and more. It takes many voices to influence progress in medicine and move towards a culture that rewards

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Stethoscopes & Pencils is looking for exciting writers who are interested in publishing their work in either English or Spanish to reach a wider audience, culturally and geographically. We are Stethoscopes & Pencils, and we’d love to publish your submissions. Your work may relate to medicine

Creating ways to stay fit in medical school

 In an era where “burnout” is becoming a buzzword describing healthcare professionals, creativity in medicine includes coming up with successful strategies to take care of your own health and wellness. Arhana Chattopadhyay, fourth-year medical student at the Stanford School of Medicine, has spent the last few years balancing studies,