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Book Review of “Face: A Memoir”

Face: A Memoir  By Marcia Meier Saddle Road Press      Many of us have traumatic events that divide our lives in two: the life we had before that defining moment and the life that came afterward. In Marcia Meier’s case, those two segments are of heartbreakingly

Book Review: The Memory Sessions

Such are the questions plaguing Suzanne Farrell Smith in her haunting, deeply felt and gorgeously rendered new memoir The Memory Sessions. Smith’s father dies when she is just six years old, killed by a drunk driver on his way home from work. Outside of a few fleeting details—the doorbell chime, the police officer’s voice, a Knight Rider episode interrupted—her memory is wiped clean, not only of that pivotal night, but any childhood memories before or since, up to the age of about twelve or thirteen.

Book Review: The Buddha Sat Right Here

The Buddha Sat Right Here: A Family Odyssey through India and Nepal By Dena Moes 263 pp, ISN978-63152-561-2, She Writes Press , 2019 Some weeks ago, I participated in my family’s traditional Passover Seder. The ritual meal and accompanying service re-creates the story of the

The River of Consciousness

The River of Consciousness by Oliver Sacks 237 pp, ISNB 9780385352567, Alfred A. Knopf, 2017      Like many of my generation, I spent my childhood outdoors. I scooped up tadpoles from the pond next door, watching them sprout limbs and turn terrestrial. I trapped