COVID-19 Advocacy Through Art

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This visual package by Ryoko Hamaguchi, a medical student and artist at Harvard Medical School, now being used by the American Medical Association, is comprised of multiple illustrated icons of healthcare workers and the public – celebrating the tireless efforts of the former in keeping us safe and calling upon the latter to continue doing our part in this fight. Individually, they give voice to the diverse healthcare heroes who risk their lives to go to work for us. Together, they weave a visual language of community and a collective message for socially responsible action.

Artist blurb:

Ryoko Hamaguchi is a fourth-year medical student at Harvard Medical School and a professional medical illustrator. Juggling illustrator positions at the AMA Journal of Ethics and the Clinical Problem Solvers podcast while producing illustrations for a variety of publications and textbooks, she is passionate about harnessing the power of visual communication to bridge gaps in health literacy and achieve equitable access to medical information across diverse communities. She has created patient-friendly COVID-19 patient education tools in a variety of non-English translations, which can be accessed here: