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Mahosot Surgery III


mahosot-surgery-iiiTitle: Mahosot Surgery III
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 28″ x 22″
Date: Spring – Oct. 17th, 2016

About: Mahosot Surgery III was inspired by the artist’s time spent at Mahosot Hospital, a public hospital in the capital city of Laos. There she shadowed both Lao and foreign physicians, including Interplast Australia & New Zealand, a team specializing in burn reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation. The hand in this painting belongs to a child with a severe burn that contracted into a tight scar as it healed, limiting the child’s use of the hand. In the painting, the fingers are held open by strings during burn contracture release surgery. Skin taken from the child’s thigh has been grafted over the tissue exposed after the fingers were freed. This scene portrays the first moment after the burn when the child can fully extend the hand, calling attention to the immediacy and empowerment of surgical intervention for burn contractures. The subject was painted from a photo taken by Dr. Chris Lowry.