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Netter’s Symposium

Chen Zhou is a current third year medical student at Sidney Kimmel Medical College. Chen has been painting since the age of four. He struggled with reconciling his love for the arts with his decision to pursue medicine as a career. He always felt like painting detracted from his study time. It was at Sidney Kimmel Medical College where Chen met his mentor, Dr. Salvatore Mangione, who leads the humanities curriculum at SKMC. He has spearheaded incorporating the arts back into medicine with programs like anatomy sketching classes, drama workshops, and historical lectures for the students because he sincerely believes that creativity enhance’s a person’s ability to become a better physician. Dr. Mangione has given numerous talks on this matter, and a link to one of his talks is enclosed below.

Needless to say Chen was inspired, and has worked diligently with Dr. Mangione to expand the art scene at Sidney Kimmel and in the greater Philadelphia region. Last year, they were able to organize a pan-Philadelphia Student and Physician art show that displayed over 50 pieces by students and physicians from six different medical schools in the area.

This year they are hosting the Netter Symposium on Art and Health on April 21st and 22nd in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and Fleischer Art Memorial. This city-wide symposium will be open for all healthcare professionals and students. It will be free to attend and will feature acclaimed guest speakers, art workshops, and an art contest/exhibition with the theme “human anatomy”

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