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O Kidneys, my Kidneys!

After my recent month long affair with the kidneys, I decided to turn my affection into an ode of farewell, in the style of Whitman’s “O Captain! My Captain!”

O Kidneys! my Kidneys! our fearful trip is done,

Old heart has given in at last, the fate we sought not won,

The prize so dear, gone now and near, the awesome surge approaching,

What flow has stopped in vessels taut, wilt! wilt! o yearning,

But O heart! heart! heart!

O the bleeding drops of red,

On which my Kidneys starve,

Shrunken cold and dead.

O Kidneys! my Kidneys! old heart has sung our knell;

Hold fast—without the world does drown, encumbered by the swell,

While you, my kidneys, starve, felled by close betrayal,

By breaking gallop, old heart has left us withering and pale;

Hear Kidney! dear Captain!

This song and tear shed!

It is some dream that on old heart,

You’ve shrunken cold and dead.

My Captain cannot help me now, the course runs dry and still,

My Kidney cannot hear my song, it has no pulse nor will,

While ancient heart sits stuttering, its voyage closed and done,

Old heart sits settl’d, sputtering, failing all and one;

Lament O shores, and ring O knell!

For I in mournful dread,

Lie beneath a fiery sky,

Fallen cold and dead.
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