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Our Year in Review

DWCStaff.Aug28Dear readers of Doctors Who Create,

Thank you for being our fans and supporters. We know many of you are busy, but we’ve been encouraged by your excitement over our posts and the eagerness of the DWC audience to see more. We are a team of volunteers: pre-med students, med students, residents, and attending physicians around the country. I started Doctors Who Create in April 2015, and after a year of operating it on my own, I knew we needed a team to make a real impact. I was able to recruit the wonderful volunteer team on our About page in August 2016. Since then, in the span of just four months, we have:

We have many goals for the year ahead, and we are excited to keep bringing you thoughtful and meaningful content that will inspire more creativity in medicine. Please follow us on twitter, facebook, and instagram if you haven’t already, to keep seeing our latest content and announcements. As always, if you have any comments, questions, or desire to get involved in helping us sustain our organization, please email me at Thank you for being a part of the DWC community.

Happy New Year!