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Submit: Letters in Limbo

Amidst COVID-19, one of our staff writers, Isabella Cuan, has begun “Letters in Limbo”: a historical archive documenting the personal experiences of people around the world in the face of crisis.

As an exercise in reflection and storytelling, the project’s curators invite you to write a letter to your future self and submit it to the archive, to be publicized on the site (anonymously upon request) in the aftermath of the pandemic.

These are strange and surreal times with rapidly changing ups and downs, but we believe writing can help us navigate the intense and complex uncertainty of these times — alone and together. Whether you are feeling grief, confusion, or joy in the day-to-day, we encourage you to explore your emotions and perceptions in the age of COVID-19. You might decide to write a letter about a specific experience you’ve had recently, the ins and outs of your newfound daily routine, or the hopes and fears you have for the future.

This letter will not only allow you to reflect on and later revisit past memories, experiences, and feelings in a meaningful way, but the letter will be a vital contribution to a living and breathing historical record that aims to capture humanity in its rawest form.

For more details about the submission process, please visit