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The Intima publishes articles from a variety of perspectives exploring Narrative Medicine and its applications in healthcare and healing.  Narrative Medicine is interdisciplinary, and we encourage entries that engage any of the following:
  • medicine in literature and/or poetry
  • biomedical ethics
  • history of medicine and/or science
  • music
  • religious and/or spiritual perspectives on medicine
  • healthcare communication
  • medical or biological anthropology
  • sociology of medicine
  • cross-cultural approaches to medicine
  • medicine as represented in the visual arts and film
Submissions can include:
  • Fiction, Short Fiction
  • Non-Fiction: personal narratives or perspectives on medicine
  • Field Notes: perspectives on Narrative Medicine in clinical settings
  • Poetry
  • Scholarly essays or articles geared towards educating a general audience about Narrative Medicine
  • Studio Art, in any medium such as paintings, photographs, or prints
  • Visual or Audio Multimedia

Subject areas might include but are not limited to:

  • Personal narratives of illness from the patient and/or clinician
  • Narratives of public health, epidemics, or  the globalization of disease
  • Analyses of historical or contemporary representations of illness and
  • The body in literature, art, popular culture, and the media
  • Discourse on the role of narrative in the healthcare reform debate

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Please feel free to contact with questions.