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Tell Your COVID-19 Story

The Nocturnists is looking for people who are interested in keeping an “audio diary” about their experience working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re not looking for perfect, polished stories. We just want to understand your raw experience. We wouldn’t be surprised if your world feels surreal, weirdly normal, or even paradoxical. We want to hear about the moments of fear, boredom, adrenaline, panic, heroism, frustration, innovation, ambivalence, or deranged joy. All can be true.

Just know that whatever you are experiencing, you are not alone, and The Nocturnists is here to hold you in community.

We founded The Nocturnists in 2016 because we wanted to create a space where healthcare workers could express themselves in their full-fledged humanity. During these challenging times, we continue to serve as a creative outlet for you. We also feel it’s important to document this unprecedented moment in medical history.

So far, we’ve been overwhelmed by the response to our project; over 150 healthcare workers across the country (and beyond) have signed up to participate.

We are featuring selected clips from your audio diaries on our new podcast series, “The Nocturnists: Stories from a Pandemic.”

Want to add your voice? Sign up here.