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‘The Nocturnists’ Podcast!

As a burned out resident, hoping to reconnect with my own humanity and remind myself of the deep meaning present in my job, (and provide a platform for others to do the same), I started The Nocturnists, a live storytelling event for doctors and other health care workers, in January 2016. It started as a small gathering of forty people, and has grown into a full-fledged movement, drawing audiences as large as 360 people in the Bay Area.

Not a Bay Area resident? Good news! A few months ago, The Nocturnists launched a podcast, which features selected stories from the live events. The format of the show is as follows: a brief introduction, a story clip from the live event, and then an interview with the storyteller. It’s a great exploration of the complexity around being both a doctor and flawed human being. I am so excited to be bringing these powerful stories to a larger audience.

Here are some examples of episodes:

Episode 6: “Missing It”

Family medicine resident Milana Pebenito is distracted by the electronic medical record and her to-do list, and as a result, misses her patient’s death.

Episode 5: “That’s Ninja Doc To You”

Internal medicine resident (and now hospitalist) Meghan O’Brien runs into one of her homeless patients on the street on Halloween.

Episode 3: “Out Of The Way”

Hospitalist Ann Knapp isn’t sure what to do when her elderly patient with an implantable defibrillator tells her he wants the life-saving device shut off — today.


Creating The Nocturnists