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White Coat Project – Studio AMWA

studioamwaWhite coats have been symbols of the honor, dignity, and responsibility in the field of medicine. The white coats are conferred upon first year medical students as an induction to their own journeys towards becoming compassionate healers. The coats evolve with the training, from short, bright white color, and clean to long, marked with pens and sweat, powerful coats of experience and wisdom. The white coat is a canvas for the story of women in medicine who wear them–a superwoman’s cape if you will.

Studio AMWA and Doctors Who Create present “Superwomen in White Coats: What does the coat mean to you?” public art project. We would like to have medical schools put up a white coat and have all students design it with what the coat means to them. Whether it stands for human rights in medicine, such as with the #whitecoats4blacklives movement, with sacrifice or generosity, or if it means a promise for a better world tomorrow, we want it drawn, painted, and etched onto the coat!

Each school who particpates will send photos of the drawings and coat in to by March 17, 2017. The top 5 schools with the most creative coats will be asked to bring their coats to the National Conference onMarch 31, 2017 and will be displayed in a public art gallery on both Studio AMWA and DWC websites.


  1. Use your local AMWA branch to get funding to buy a white coat. Inexpensive white coats can be found for 25.00 dollars at [“Dr.James Professional Lab Coat, small].
  2. Place the white coat in a central student location, such as the student lounge, a classroom, or the cafeteria starting January 1, 2017. You can hang it on coat hanger or a clothesline with clothespin, or lay it on a table.
  3. Fill the coat pockets with markers, sharpies, paint pens–whatever you can buy within your AMWA chapter budget.
  4. Share the information about the project with your school and encourage them to draw on it.

Take photos regularly and send them in to