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Monthly Archives: May 2020

A Visual Translator

I seek to combine art, medicine and technology, specifically medical imaging and 3D printing, to improve the lives of those around me as I continue my medical career.

Neonatologists, Moms, and Podcasters

There’s a lot of information⁠—and misinformation⁠—out there about pregnancy, postpartum, and taking care of a newborn. Enter a podcast by the ultimate specialists⁠—the Baby Doctor Mamas, Dr. Joanna Parga-Belinkie and Dr. Diana Montoya-Williams. They’re two neonatologists and soul sisters, who are also mothers. They have a knack for distilling the evidence and their own experience into accessible and informative banter on their podcast.

COVID-19 Advocacy Through Art

This visual package by Ryoko Hamaguchi, now being used by the American Medical Association, is comprised of multiple illustrated icons of healthcare workers and the public – celebrating the tireless efforts of the former in keeping us safe and calling upon the latter to continue doing our part in this fight.